Financial Freedom – Article 1 – Dividends

Hi again!

If you think I am going to give out dividends, you are almost correct. I will share with you how to get dividends. As the saying goes, ” Give a man a fish and we feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and we feed him for a lifetime.”

First, let me share something. I have an investment portfolio of 20 Stocks of different companies from different industries including some trusts. Maybe I need to review my portfolio soon.

9 out of 20 are Real Estate Investment Trusts, #REITs in short. On average, i get 7% of returns yearly in the form of dividends from these 9 REITS.

Adding some of the other 11 stocks dividends, mostly around 3% per year, currently, everyday when I open my eyes and wake up in the morning, I theoretically have 21SGD in my pocket, and non-taxable based on singapore tax laws.

Tips to identify REITS that are worth looking at:

1) Dividend yield of 7% and above.

2) Net Asset Value (NAV) more than current stock price.

3) Gearing Ratio of 30% to 50%.

4) REITS Management track records.

If all criterias are met, the REIT is worth investing.

I will provide more details in my next post.

Reminder: please do your own due deligience before taking actions to purchase any stocks or options.

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Grab Hitch – March 2019 Summary

Hi Everyone, great to be back to provide some updates on my Grab Hitch experience.

Getting used to selecting grab hitch riders via the App. The most difficult part is starting a conversation with the riders.

Most riders, being singaporeans, are not keen to talk. I on the other hand felt awkward keeping silent so I always try to start a conversation by asking questions.

When you try to ask them open ended questions but got yes/no or very short replies, you know they are not keen to share more and the conversation tends to stop.

Riders whom I get to converse with the most, are foreigners, and the ride is more interesting and before you know it the rider reached their destination, and conversations typically doesn’t have a good closure…haha…but its still good!

Grab Hitch earnings for the month of March 2019 is acceptable, considering I can only easily do one pick-up a day.

Below are screens shot of my own tracking and Grab’s statement can give you guys and overview of the experience!

I hope the day will come where Grab Hitch earning can cover my vehicle’s monthly fuel costs and more.

Thank you for reading and if you are a Grab Hitch Rider or Driver, please do share any experience with me, #Grab_Hitch #Driver

Let’s hope for a better April 2019.

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First Grab Hitch Driver Experience

Hi! I know i have not been writing as I am really not sure what to talk about.

But today i did something new and it was kind of scary but fun and I am thinking to write about the experience.

I did Grab Hitch! Not as a rider, but as Driver!

I picked up a mother and son. The mother was sending the son to school before she goes to work.

The route was in the same direction to my work location with just a short detour, which will cost me 15mins in time.

I get to earn 10sgd from it and as I am a parent too, we had similar topics to talk about.

Thinking if this could be a fixed hitch everyday to cover my petrol costs.

A possible way to fuel my financial freedom goals faster.